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Brake Parts

Hadron Brake Pad 

The highest quality brake product that is the pride of Songdulla.


Dignified and Sophisticated Brake Strength

The hadron used in high quality vehicles is an absolute superior product with respect to abrasion resistance among Korean abrasion resistance materials. The product’s strong yet smooth braking quality increases the quality of high-class vehicles.


* Quiet brake sounds, clean wheel management

The hadron is a high quality product that innovatively supplements noise and black powder, which are the flaws of brake friction materials.

By attaching a non-steel friction material and in-out anti-noise shim, any dust accumulated is minimized and there is almost no noise. The hadron completes an image that is suitable for a high quality vehicle with clean wheel management and a quiet brake sound.


* The best safety

The hadron maintains a high friction coefficient in the worst driving conditions, such as rain and snow, to provide the best safety.